Before I started modelling the character I spend a week or two to research character design process using Blender, as this was my first time using this program. I tested and model random objects to get use to the user face. I research the process using sites like YouTube, Linda and so on. There are multiply ways of doing each process and I looked at a lot off them to see how I would approach each step.

When modelling the character in Blender, I started with a polygon plane. I model a low poly type of the character using all the tools that are available in Blender, to create a good topology flow. This makes the process down the line easier. Making sure I have all the poles where I wanted them and as few poly triangles as possible. I model each piece of armour as their own objects then grouping then together, the armour mesh is separate from the main character mesh, which is one whole mesh. Once I had a low poly mesh I was happy with, I would sculpt a high poly version using the low poly mesh as a base starting place, using the sculpting tools Blender had. I could also import the low poly mesh that was already sculpted in Blender, into Zbrush as a obj, so I could use all the sculpting tools the software had to offer, to add even more detail. I subdivide the mesh off the character model and the armour model, this divides each polygon in half that doubles the mesh’s polygon count. I subdivide the models a few times, this gives me more polygons to work with, allowing me to added a lot more detail to the character.

Screenshot (197)  Screenshot (195)Screenshot (196)

As this was my first time sculpting it took a bit off getting used too and I did some researching on how to use the software’s, looking at tutorials on YouTube. But it was easy enough to get use to once I learnt what each tool did to the mesh. I used a graphic tablet, this is a computer device that allows you to hand draw into programs like Zbrush, in a similar way someone would use a pencil and paper. I used it to move and shape the polygons where I wanted them to be, letting me add all the smaller details that you couldn’t do without the sculpting tools.

After some feedback on the original model I made some big changes to the characters design. The first character model looked to menacing and an unique enough character. I changed the low poly model topology by scaling and moving around the polygons it already had. Creating more defining features being thinner in the waist, arms and legs making a unique body type. I made the feet bigger to better resemble the roots of a tree with heavy foot steps. I made lots of changes to the features in the face, with the top of the head angels being smoother and the jaw bones becoming thinner.

Low Poly

 Screenshot (173)  Screenshot (169)Screenshot (171)Screenshot (172)

These changes allow the character to emulate more emotions that could make him better to relate to. I then used this new and improved low poly model to sculpt onto in Zbrush, creating a new higher poly model. I think these improvements to the character resulted a more unique and better design.

High Poly

Screenshot (182) Screenshot (180) Screenshot (179) Screenshot (176)  Screenshot (178)


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