For the character designs and concept art, I sketch out many different designs and ideas with different features and body structures. I created many different designs, that I would send to the director for the film to see which one he would like me to continue to develop. When creating an idea for a character I would take a creature or something else like a tree or insect. I develop on that idea with a human body structure. For most off my design I tried to use colours and tones that are from marshlands, like greens, browns and so one. I then experiment with other colours to see what they could look like.

concept-2 concept-1 concept-5 concept-3 concept-9  concept-7 concept-6 concept-4concept-8

The director decided on a concept design, with some feedback to develop it further. The concept he chose was the character that was based on a tree like structure. I designed this character with long limits and a thinner body to create that bend off a tree. I also gave the character large feet and heels emulating the roots off a tree that would give the character a heavy foot step. The director said in the original concept the armour looks more like a future tech mechanic, and the armour needed to look more like bones.

WP_20150126_004 WP_20150126_003 WP_20150126_002 WP_20150126_001 WP_20150126_006 WP_20150126_005

When developing the character I started by drawing the design without the armour, so I know what he would look like without anything on. I changed the shape off the head, filling it out more with an angle edged on the top off the head. The eyes were made bigger and a lighter shade of green skin tone. I changed the armour quite a lot as it needed the most changing, because he’s a scavenger I put bone structure on him that he would tied together. I used different bone joints that would be from creatures put together for the armour, for example I used a rib cage for his chest piece and a foot for a belt buckle.

fmp character with armour fmp character boby

I next created what his weapon would look like. I design the weapon using stone, bones and wood as these would be the items they could get their hands on. I wanted there weapons to be a staff used for multiply jobs like hunting animals or fish and to be deadly in a fight. I based the design on a trident, using a some kind off beast jaw bone for the outsides and a tooth for the middle. I put together a turnaround off the weapon of the side and front view with labels for someone else in the group to model.


Once I got the go ahead from the director on the design the next step was to create a turnaround of the front, side and back of the character, so I know how he will look like from all angles. This would also be used as a template to model in 3D using Blender.

character turnaround3 character turnaround5


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