We didn’t have enough time to really fix any of these rigging or weighting issues correctly, so when it comes to animating we would need to animated these scenes around these small issues, not showing them in the film. I gave this final blender file to the director of the project to set up all the files. With the right models in the scenes they were needed to be in ready to animated with. These scenes were given out to each person in the group, everyone had about seven scenes to animate.

Scene80106 rrrr Scene808888102

For the whole character creation process of my character, I did feel a lot of pressure to created the character model to a high standard. Because I knew some of the other members in the group will have to animated with my character and I wanted them to have little to no problem to use. The stage I felt the most pressure was the rigging and weighting but mainly with the weighting, as these were the areas that the others would have the most contact with. I put off going into the rigging and weighting stage, because I wanted the topology of the model to be perfect that could help make the stages easier. In hindsight I should have been happy with the topology when it work and moved on, which means I would have more time to rig and weight. Even with some of rig and weighting not being at the level I wanted it at, I still really like the character model as whole. I like how the character looks with all the details and most of the rig works well like the feet that gives you so much control in every part of the heels and toes.


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